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Hosted VoIP for Small to Medium Sized Business
Enterprise class phone system utlizing the internet for an all in one voice solution.

Bluefire IT Solutions Inc., is partnered with one of the best in VoIP Systems in the business today. Providing turnkey solutions that are innovative and smart. And providing an unbeatable value to your small to medium sized business and telecommunication infrastructure.

We like the color green.
The Voice has an array of great features such as e-fax, voice to e-mail, transcription services, soft-phones, simul-ring, and much more that will allow you to create new revenue centers. Best of all, the Voice is part of the BLEC family. This will allow you to sell internet and voice services to an entire building.

We go way beyond 9 to 5.
The Voice provides our customers with 24/7/365 support and monitoring. Go ahead and call. Our engineers sometimes get lonely.

Executive Suites is our favorite two words.
Voice and Data were specifically engineered for the serviced office market. Every feature and every aspect is designed to exceed the demands of the demanding executive suite operator.

We are here. We are there. We are everywhere.
Our partner currently has presence in over 30 countries and currently service over 80 cities in North America. Capable of delivering the right solution with the right team right to your door step.
The VoIP services we offer is a Powerful Cloud-Based Phone System with Fortune 500 style capabilities.
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The VoIP system we offer will put your small to medium-sized business at the forefront of today’s constant innovation in telecommunications. It’s an advanced, versatile all-in-one phone system that gives you all the features of a large enterprise system. With this system you’ll have a clear competitive advantage over any other company, large or small.

This system is the perfect platform for today’s mobile, always-connected business workforce. It will transform your company’s communications and help you and your people get there first every time.

Best of all, it’s a VoiP-based hosted solution that eliminates costly capital hardware purchases and expensive maintenance contracts. Thanks to high-speed direct data connections, the voice quality and reliability are superior to what either a conventional phone/cable company or public-Internet-based VoiP can deliver. It’s highly affordable and adds value to your business every minute of the day.

Managing the system is simplicity itself. Your staff can easily, add, delete or modify configurations for the entire team, using a simple online control panel.

Over 40 calling features let you perform like a big business
• Automated attendant answers and routes every call
• Hunt groups ring multiple people at once to help ensure no call goes unanswered
• Use Outlook to make calls from your desk phone
• Unlimited calling in the U.S.
• Conferencing, call forwarding, music-on-hold (see “Features” section for full list)

Extended Mobility from any location with Follow Me, which automatically forwards calls to mobile phones and other numbers, or rings multiple numbers at the same time. Voicemail-to-email features that help ensure messages get through faster, utilizing Office 365 with forwarding and managing features.

System features include: Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Call Routing, Caller ID, Follow Me Forwarding, Custom Hold Music, Direct Inbound Dialing (DID), Message Waiting Indication, Multi Call Appearance, Click-to-Call, Desktop Console, Hunt Groups, ACD/Call Queuing, Daylight Savings Time, Day/Night/Holiday Switching.

Additionally: Localized telephone numbers and porting of any number is available
Customer Service.
We strive to know our customers well, and believe that impeccable service is the key to our HAPPY clients!

You can afford us.
The Voice billing model includes a turn-key solution that is priced on a per-seat basis that includes all your costs including the handsets, switches, and even support. The Voice doesn’t require large up-front costs and saves you the headache of having to re-invest thousands of dollars later on down the line.

It’s ok to be different.
The Voice is unlike any product on the market. Don’t be fooled by a competing product that claims to deliver a similar solution. The Voice provides our customers with a proprietary interface that makes even the most complex tasks as easy as 1 2 3.

Our customers live for us.
Our partner has over 5,000 active clients who love what we do and how we do it. Each customer represent some of the happiest people with their voice solutions.

We don’t believe in traditional.
The Voice goes beyond the traditional phone system. The cloud technology offers a feature set that full scalable and reliable.

Down-time? The word has no meaning to us.
The network in-house has multiple tier 4 data centers with diverse connectivity, redundant equipment, and communication over several carries.