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Managed IT Services
Support and Services That Fit Your Business Needs!
Streamling your business operations is important to help increase revenue, work efficiently, and to protect assets. Bluefire IT Solutions offer a proactive, preventative, and protective approach to your software, hardware, and network infrastructure. If your business has limited to no internal IT support, let us help accomplish the day-to-day managed IT services to keep your business running productively and smoothly.
The Platinum Plan is tailored for businesses that have limited or no internal IT support. They demand reliable IT Management to provide a range of proactive and preventative services designed to keep technology running smoothly and optimize business productivity.
The Silver Plan is tailored for businesses that have part-time or contracted IT Support, but need a single source of professional experts that will manage key IT operations, software and/or equipment.
Equipment Installations
Network Setups
Upgrades and updates
Hardware Repairs
Software Configurations
Reports have shown for businesses with 30 or less employees, it’s more cost effective to outsource IT than to hire a full-time person. When systems are running as they should, a technician could be around being paid for idle time. If multiple issues occur, the technician could be overwhelmed with work and not able to handle all the tasks in a sufficient and effective manner. Also to consider, extra costs for a full-time person may include vacation pay, insurance, taxes, continuing education, and more. When you hire an Outsource IT Company like ourselves to manage the everyday task of your network and computer infrastructure, you hire a team of certified technicians and all extra costs would be eliminated. This in turn will provide extra revenue for expansion and growth for your company. Something to consider when looking to manage your computers, network, and servers.

If you find you need more information before choosing a plan. Please feel free to contact one of our Service Representatives today to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current IT infrastructure.

Onsite and Over the Phone Consultation are Free of Charge

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